EMR & Practice Management

MedX Connect, Inc. is an innovative developer of mobile and internet-based administrative, financial and clinical solutions designed to help physicians improve patient care, increase practice efficiency, reduce costs and streamline the information exchange between health care providers, payers and patients. MedX solutions automate physician workflow and offer physicians access to drug and disease databases, lab and pharmacy connectivity at the point of care.

MedX Connectís mission is to help physicians improve patient outcomes and enhance the operational and financial efficiencies of their practice through the use of its software and business services. The companyís core business model is based upon offering the most affordable and highly functional software that provides integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software on either a license basis as an in-office solution or ASP-hosted basis. MedX Connect supplements its internet-based software with related medical billing and support services.

Areas where we provide value:

Physician Benefits (Expand)

Physicians can chose from a single integrated clinical and practice management solution that completely manages the entire process of patient care and administrative functions or they can select the EHR, Practice Management software or Billing software individually. MedX Connect has designed easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solutions that lower the total cost of ownership of hardware and software.


MedX Connect offers a two-tier payment method to reduce upfront costs to physician practices:

  • ASP-hosted solutions are offered on a low-cost monthly subscription basis
  • The in-office solutions are paid for up front and are based on a license model

Better Clinical and financial outcomes (Expand)

With MedX Connectís solutions, physician practices will be able to improve patient outcomes by having complete information at the point of care and experience more reliable return on investment with reduced transcription costs and better coding. Once a practice has an EHR, they can access patient data to put into place best practices for improving patient outcomes in order to maximize pay for performance measures.

Ease of Use

MedX Connectís solutions are intuitive and designed for ease of use and to fit within a physicianís workflow.

Fast deployment and reduced practice disruption

MedX Connectísí ASP-hosted solutions can be downloaded over the Internet and are easy to learn with a fast training time.

Training Ė MedX Connect can implement the ASP-hosted solutions over the Internet, speeding up implementation. All training is done over the Internet and via conference call so practices experience little or no downtime going live with the solutions.

Support and maintenance Ė MedX Connect offers outstanding customer support. The Internet-based ASP solutions give physicians the ability to receive automatic software updates, reducing the need for outside technology staff or consultants. Physician practices can expect high performance, low costs of technology and software, and increased security, reliability and scalability.

Mobile - Each MedX Connect solution is designed to be used on wireless mobile devices such as tablet PCs.

Security of patient data Ė With the ASP-hosted software, all data stored in the Data Center is backed up automatically. The Data Center has 24X7surveillance with real-time intrusion detection and firewalls. In addition, all medical information is encrypted and physicians have special user IDs and passwords to protect patient data.

Connectivity Ė MedX Connectís solutions offer connectivity to labs and pharmacies and EDI billing services. MedX Connect software is designed to help physician practices meet HIPAA requirements and conforms to HL7 standards promoting technology innovations that improve the clinical and administrative components of healthcare practice. MedX Connect solutions are highly connective, regardless of software or operating system differences.

MedX Connect Products

All of MedX Connectís solutions are designed to be used remotely; giving physicians the tools they need to practice medicine whether itís in the office, at home or making rounds at a hospital. The Practice Management Solution, Billing Service Providers (BSP) Claims Management Solution or the Electronic Health Record are designed to be used on wireless tablet PCs. MedX Connect has made security a top priority in all its products by making sure data is encrypted, and physicians have special user IDs and passwords.

Integrated Clinical and Practice Management Solution

MedX Connectís single integrated clinical and practice management solution offers end-to-end office automation from patient registration to the submission of an electronic bill. Physicians have access to decision support tools to make informed medical decisions to provide better patient care. State-of-the art messaging allows patients to request and confirm their appointments online, request prescription refills and referrals, update their personal data and review their account balances. Staff can email internal memos and communicate with patients online. Having connectivity to labs and pharmacies allows the physician to send the pharmacy of a patientís choice a faxed prescription and receive labs results. In addition, a patient education module gives physicians the ability to print specific patient education materials, which provides patients with added information.

Electronic Health Record

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution is currently available as either a stand-alone product or as an integrated solution. MedX Connectís EHR helps physicians provide a higher level of care for their patients and it automates their workflow with dynamic pull-through technology. The EHR offers the following features:

  • Symptom bar technology
  • Flexible templates are customizable
  • Patient referrals can be managed electronically
  • Clinical documentation, capture and retrieval is streamlined
  • Connectivity to labs so physicians can order labs and receive results
  • E & M coding
  • The system can send out health maintenance reminders to patients
  • Connectivity to pharmacies allows physicians to send prescriptions via fax directly to a pharmacy
  • Prescription refills can be completed online
  • Charge capture can be done at the point of care using mobile devices
  • Data mining for pay for performance measures or reports

Practice Management

MedX Connectís Enterprise Practice Management provides physician front office staff with integrated scheduling, billing, claim processing, EDI, account and reporting to completely automate front office tasks and maximize reimbursement. Eligibility checking and confirmations can be done electronically, and payment cycles are reduced through electronic submission to payers, and claims can be tracked to see which services were not needed and when. MedX Connectís Practice Management solution provides the following features:

  • Front office staff can set alerts about specific patients
  • Staff can request or receive patient eligibility information from payers electronically
  • Patient co-pays can be tracked and confirmed
  • Front office staff can maintain multiple physicianís schedules
  • Patient reminders and recall notifications can be generated electronically
  • Treatment summaries can be provided to patients at the end of their visit
  • Staff or physicians can review patient information and financials
  • Staff can send and receive internal memos
  • Physicians can review their personal schedules
  • Physicians can remotely check their appointment schedules and patient data

Centralized Claims Management

MedX Connectís Centralized Claims Management software gives the capability to manage multiple practices, billing clerk assignment and tracking, remote coding, EDI claim submission, reporting and íVirtual BillerĎ capability to the Billing Service Providers (BSPs) and Practice Administrators.

MedX Connect Services

Back-end Billing

Billing and claims management supported through MedX Connectís Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) centers who prepare, validate, and submit claims, follow-up with payers, post payments, and generate reports.

Practice Audit

MedX Connect can provide audit services at regular intervals and provide succinct financial and administrative reports that clearly identify areas with exceptional, borderline, and sub-par performance.

Front-office Call management services

Handling calls to your office whether related to appointments or billing.